Brillianceway has many experienced tutors in all areas of the 11+. We work hard to assist your child in preparing for the 11+ entrance exam. We prepare important learning materials and preliminary test papers as study tools to create an exam-like atmosphere. This familiarises the students with the pattern of examinations and gives them the chance to learn better. They can also learn the essential skill of time management which is crucial in exams.

Our tutors work hard with students to establish their knowledge gap portions, developing a unique education plan personalised to a child’s needs. Preparing your child for the significant exams will make the process of going from primary to secondary school more peaceful.

Students studying for the 11+ can seek our expert tutor’s help at any time throughout the whole process.

Our facilities include:

  • Covering all 11+ the key skills to tackle CEM & GL and 11+ Assessment exams
  • In-depth 11+ module
  • Daily online customised tests
  • Covering all the 11+ foundation skills to gear up for year 5
  • 11+ expert tutor guidance

The in-depth online module aims at strengthening basic abilities in Maths, English, NVR and Verbal to prepare for CEM & GL and 11+ Assessment exams.

Expert Tutor guidance

Seek the direct support of the tutor allocated to your child at every stage and be informed of your child’s progress through weekly reports from the tutor.

Customised online 11+ tests

Daily 11+ test challenges in Maths, English, NVR and Verbal from Monday to Friday for 4 months with special emphasis on your child’s key areas of improvement.

Quick and thoroughly explained results

We provide quick results on your child’s completion of 11+ online tests and with detailed explanations. Self-analysis from the comfort of your home and get to know the right ways of dealing with the questions.

Rewards and prizes

Rewards are a great way to boost motivation, especially in children. Explore your child’s chances of earning reward points from online tests which can be earn prizes.