Studying for your A-levels is a full-time commitment and requires strong dedication to succeed. It is a critical stage in your academic life, which demands complete attention to your studies as it determines which university you can go to. Whichever professional career you go on to pursue depends strongly on your choice of university, which, in turn depends on your A-level results.

Similar to how the government changed the GCSE’s, they are also in plans to change the A-Levels as well. While the Department of Education was explaining these reforms, they mentioned that the A-Levels would consist of more exams and less coursework. It cannot be denied that this is an attempt to combat the struggle to get into top universities; however, this does create more pressure on pupils.

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We select our tutors based on a series of fundamental principles – dedication, eagerness and experience. All of our tutors have an expert understanding of the subject and teach across the spectrum of the National Curriculum. Since this is the stage where you start to prepare yourself for your next academic challenge, we also provide supervision and assistance for the university entrance procedure.