Many parents and students are concerned about the new changes that will apply to both the GCSE’s and A-levels. These reforms have various aspects to them that are different from last time. The Government is trying to roll out new GCSEs in the upcoming two years, with reforms already being implemented at the beginning of the academic year in 2015. During their announcement on the reforms, the Department for Education (DfE) declared that the modern GCSEs would have new and more challenging content produced by the exam boards.

Many parents choose online tuition for their kids during the break so that they can improve during that time with the help of a GCSE specialist. Since these reforms are underway, it is important to keep in mind that children should now be better prepared for their exams to achieve the results they deserve.

At Brillianceway, our experts make sure that students get an outstanding education and learning plan, as well as a robust revision plan to help them prepare for their exams well before they take place. In addition to this, all of our lessons are recorded so that students can revisit them anytime they need. This can help reduce pressure from having to remember lessons that are not revisited in school.

It is worth mentioning that most of the United Kingdom’s universities require candidates to have GCSEs in core subjects like English, maths and science. This condition can increase the pressure on pupils, which we strive to relieve by helping them to not feel it in the first place.