The shift of students from primary to secondary school is a crucial step in their academic life. The students are tense, emotional and fascinated.  Registration of your child in the school of their choice requires a huge encouragement and effort of the parents as well. Indeed, that becomes is a momentous achievement, but the next step is very important and can heavily influence the child’s future. Through Brilliance way you can help your child to build a strong foundation.

Children often face difficulty when they enter secondary or senior school. At Key Stage 3, pupils have to study the full spectrum of foundation subjects besides core subjects. This addition to their syllabus makes them anxious and they can face difficulty in studying. Since these subjects are new and different for them, it requires extra effort and time to work upon.

As children move to Year 10 and Key Stage 4, the child may get more stressed upon how to cope with the subjects. To help in dealing with such stressful situation experienced in GCSE exams preparation, Brilliance way helps in with online one-to-one tuition. We help your children to prepare well for their exams and achieve the results they deserve.

At both Key Stage 3 and 4, children might fall behind in their studies and may need some assistance in the form of tuitions. Our tutors help them to prepare well for the exams.

Parents often feel the need for tuition for their kids, when they see them overstressed and facing difficulty in studying on their own. The student may need some kind of motivation and confidence from a professional tutor. Tuitions will help your kid in getting a more clear, extensive and in depth knowledge of all the subjects especially if they are preparing for GCSE exams or equivalency in the United Kingdom.